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Late Night Sweet Tooth


You may have noticed a recent Facebook post about my late  night sweet tooth last week.  I try* to follow a rule in my kitchen:  If I don’t want to eat it, then don’t keep it in my home.  If I break that rule,  I risk waking what I consider to be my very own super power:  sugar makes me high.  I’m not talking about that sugar twitch or spazzy need to run around the block.  My super power is a warm, slow, intense sensation that rises from the base of my skull and melts into my ears and head.  A relaxed giddiness.  A silky smile.  3 delicious seconds after each bite. 

Outstanding sweets – dark chocolate, rich ice cream, some perfect combination of flavors in the perfect bite of a perfect dessert….conjure the same result.  So, you can understand how I can justify my way through a carton of coconut ice cream.  Of course, I need that handful(s) of chocolate chips.  Chocolate is good for me.  Yes?  No sooner after I indulge, I conjure self-induced amnesia and a plan to work out tomorrow.  Bring balance back to my world.  Absolutely keep a ‘cleaner’ kitchen.

Mug Shot: Scoochmaroo's 5-minute Chocolate Cake

Until nights like Tuesday, when the constant good decisions boil down into URGENT sugar withdrawal.  In seconds, my brain tallies all random ingredients I possess and presto!  I introduce you to:  The Mug Cake.

Really, I’m surprised by how many woman still haven’t been exposed to one.  It’s really a darling little concept.  A few minutes of my time, easy pantry ingredients baked in a lovely mug = female bliss.  Of course, when my URGENT sugar cravings run my show…I add a little ‘excitement’ to the process.  I do not measure.  I don’t really check the ingredients.  I locate a big-ass mug.  Guilt can creep in quickly, so the goal is to go, go, go without distraction.  Extra cocoa.  1/2 the oil.  less sugar.  egg whites.  Should add applesauce, but that would slow me down.  Soon enough, I have something that resembles batter.  Delicious chocolate batter.  Pour it in my big-ass mug.  Nuke it.

Now.  This type of cooking usually works for me, but I should really know better when it comes to baking.  Despite the beautiful rise of the cake above the rim of the mug (beautiful beautiful chocolate!), my final product was – nondescript.  It looked like cake in a mug.  It’s texture conjured visions of playdough and Fisher Price plastic.   It couldn’t easily cut it, but would could move it around as a single unit when impaled with a fork.  Would you know?  I ate it any way.

Yesssssssssss.  Low point.  (head hangs).

I ate it any way.

Frenzied desperation is a point of no return.  When I go so far as to bake (ehem) something, it’s going to be eaten.  And it was horrible.  Just horrible.

While on my elliptical machine the next morning, I knew I needed to do two things:  Give you a better recipe and find me a proven gluten/soy/dairy-free version.  First, you:

5-Minute Chocolate Cake (by scoochmaroo at instructables.com).

5 STAR RATING from hundreds of sugar fiends, just like me.  Now, I’m off to discover MY kind of mug cake that meets my dietary needs.  Once found, I WILL share!  After all, a great cake recipe is a great cake recipe – right?

Until next time,

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free (living better as of 3/10/12)


2 lbs


Delicious Treats

2 lbs.  Girl’s weekend added 2 lbs and that is enough to make things a little…uncomfortable.  I’m not commenting on what happened in Duluth, other than this:  knitting, waffles, chocolate, chick flicks, yarn and shopping.  I love my knitting peeps! 

Sea Salt and Chocolate

Anyway, back to 2 lbs.  It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but my mid-30’s have proven that it is a big deal.  Running or the elliptical doesn’t cut it any more.  My aging metabolism is digging its heels in and making me work 4 times as hard.  So.  Running, pilates, veggie-tastic meals, water and caffeine might take care of the problem.  Add a great big stick, so I can beat away the calories while I sweat.  And collapse on day seven, 2 lbs lighter. 

Salad Attack!

Speaking of vegetables…. I’m not forgetting my quest to incorporate more organic, vegetarian food into my family’s diet.  Flax seed in the PB & J sandwiches.  Salads loaded with different veggies.  Lots and lots of beans.  More applesauce and less oils.  Most recently, we enjoyed quinoa (not that the kids would ever know)…butternut squash, kale and a whole lotta sweet potato.  Yum, yum and yummmmmm.  As a mom, I feel better.  Even if my kids don’t want to eat something, at least I’m presenting it to them.  By about the 20th time around, I’m usually rewarded with a test bite.  Sometimes they like it.  Sometimes they don’t.  But I’m doing my job.  Which is what I don’t get paid for, right?