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Qi (chee) on this.


It’s time to update you about my long-time health drama.  I have had a sour stomach most of life.  Just before I chose to stay at home,  it completely whomped me.  Throat, esophagus, stomach.  Likely stress-missed meals-stress-missed sleep-stress- induced….numerous doctors, tests, meds and diagnoses culminated into one thing – not solving my problem.  Finally, I quit what doctors told me to do.  I stopped all medication.  I changed the way I ate, in an effort to eliminate “pain” foods.  I loyally attended yoga (stress reduction/better circulation) and even started acupuncture sessions.  I wanted to fix myself – naturally.

*Enter new alternative medicine doctor.*

WOW.  Her therapies literally swept pain out of my body.  I FELT it.  And in the process of treatment, she coached me about lifestyle and diet.  She described me as an ‘earth’ body (whaa?) and someone who deals with spleen Qi deficiency.


I researched it.  I was shocked, to say the least, to find case after case about people with the same issues and a common theme for resolving the problem:  diet.  Over and over again….all of my crazy symptoms didn’t seem so crazy.  Was it possible that there was something to it?  After all, Chinese medicine has been around for a heckuva lot longer than western medicine.  There must be something to it.

According to literature, I am eating all the wrong things.  My favorite foods essentially ‘weaken’ my spleen Qi.  (stay with me).  Instead, I need to drop the last of my dairy intake.  Wheat is out.  Refined sugar.  High carb fruits- gone.  Uncooked veggies.  Cold food (ice cream!), soy, greasy food, bananas and anything unnatural -moot.  Instead, my new diet is rich in other grains, cooked beans, garlic, baked root veggies, mushrooms, some red meat, basil and various strong spices.

And here I am.

My first efforts at cooking this food introduced me to TarteletteBlog’s version of Butternut Squash and Coconut Milk Rice.  I found it on Pinterest, which continues to be an awesome source of information and inspiration.  After tweaking it to meet my needs, it was awesome and substantial enough to leave me fulfilled.  Better yet, my husband liked it.  Best yet, it’s a great way to incorporate one of my favorite veggies:  butternut squash!

Butternut Squash =

Butternut Squash and Coconut Milk Rice by TarteletteBlog

So far, I don’t feel better….or worse.  But I just had that surgery….AND I admit I cheat here or there.  After all, life is too short to absolutely cut out chocolate (dark please) and frozen desserts (hello, ice cream).  I just need to incorporate loads of the ‘good’ foods, until I can feel fulfilled by those means.  Sigh.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Before I go, guess what?  I’m in the process of updating my NEW blog title and site.  Talking about work-to-home is limiting and frankly, it doesn’t fully express what I’m about.  Change is refreshing.

Til’ then,



My year in the making…


When I plan my goals for 2010, I can’t help but think about 2009.  It was my 1st full year without a job.  Well, without that paying job.  A career.  A career that defined me, defined my “success” and showered me with an awesome income. A career where I dressed up and drank my triple shot, nonfat almond lattes until my eyes started to twitch… while I pounded away at my computer or chanted corporate talk at crowds of people who “don’t like change.”  A career where my calendar bled with meeting requests…where I found myself triple-booked and starved (more lattes please) while I ran (yes, RAN) to my next challenge and hopefully a leftover buffet from previous meetings.  Success.  Money.  Accomplishment.  Weight Control.  The Definition of Me.

Somewhere in the mess, I lost myself.  I quit.  Yup, I was a quitter.  My drained, uninspired shell of a self walked away.  “What a waste….” ate at me – words murmured by my boss when I announced my desire to be a stay-at-home mom. 

Instead, 2009 was a fantastic soul-feeding journey.  First, I’ve bonded with my children.  Need I say how rewarding that is?  I made homemade bread, gardened, volunteered and took the occassional nap in the sun on my couch.  I found a new passion – knitting – and I discovered a mental clarity that had long left me years prior.  I reached out to other moms – something I never had the time for.  I discovered a sense of community in our little part of the world.  I started eating again – fresh tomatoes by the handful straight from the garden out back.   I fed my soul.  It was the best decision I ever made.  Best of all, I had a husband who supported my decision (he probably enjoyed the difference!). 

Don’t get me wrong.  It took a year of planning a new budget and working up the guts to do it.  After all, the economy was tanking.  My plan did seem awfully irresponsible.  But things work out.  They always do.   Jumping into the unknown opened up new possibilities.  Scary new possibilities.  CHANGE.

So 2010 is here and I think I’ll continue to soak up the unknown.  I’m going to try something new.  Maybe run a 10K.  Work with clay.  Expand my garden.  Embrace new possibilities.  I’m going to take all of that energy and put it right back into my home and family.  At MY pace…. not one where I’m concerned whether the US can compete in a global market.  At MY pace, where I can’t alway remember what day of the week it is.  It’s true – a happy mom is a happy home.