‘Duh’ and people I judge on a daily basis.


I’m sitting here eating a microwaved egg roll wrapped in a greasy paper towel. 

It isn’t a high point.  I don’t feel like cooking.  I am grounded.  Meaning that I am supposed to stay inside.  I’ve had an ‘odd’ ailment over the last few days:  muscle aches, cramps, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea and a scratchy throat I called ‘lusty’).  My doctor took one look at me and proclaimed “obvious” heat exhaustion.  Huh.  Really?

And then DUH.  When did the problems start?  Hmm, heated yoga.  mowing last Sunday.  6 hours at two outdoor BBQs.  beach.  bicycling across my great city and hauling dirt.  What have you eaten today?  That would be an ice cream thing at the pool – dairy and a complex carb, I told myself).  What have you been drinking?  Water.  But it was makes me sick, so I chase it with cold coffee.  Come to think of it, that made me sick, too.  

DUH.  My husband will tell you that I’m stubborn.  I don’t like to stay inactive.  I also don’t like asking for help.  I don’t want to wait an entire day just to ask my husband to do something, especially after his own long day at the office.   So I get out and plan it/do it/buy it on my own.  When my body gets me down, I get mad.  I generally get out and plan it/do it/buy it/SWEAT it out of my pores.  Perhaps not choice in this MN heat. 

So, I am now sitting here.  Eating my second microwaved egg roll.  Don’t you judge me.  (I mean it!)

You know you all do it to some degree.  No matter HOW good of person you strive to be…. there is a moment in time where you harbor a teensy-tiny bit of judgement about other people’s choices/actions/behavior or dare-I-say looks.  One might pleasantly slap on a sugar-label like “people watching.”  Or “an unwavering commitment to conservative values”  (wink, wink Ms. Bachman).  I like to call it “what the huh?”  It’s not meant to carry any weight or impact other people’s personal lives.  Simply put.  What the huh?  There is PLENTY of what the huh? out there….yes, in the ‘ole office days…but especially at the local public pool.  Now let me be the first to say that I do NOT have the body of a goddess.  Nope, I have all the 30-something-gettingcloseto40-something-stretchmarks-littlesag-babygrowinghips-legsthatwon’ttan glory all in this sweet little package.  However.  I don’t strap on string bikinis that MAY have fit in pre-K years. (ooo, bad thought and I’m not just talking about women).  So as I lay on my plastic beach chair, hidden behind sunglasses…. I judged today.  I couldn’t help it.  Ms. Pink Bikini Holding Jimmy John’s Cup actually looked happy and lovely as she meanders around the kiddie area.  (literally she couldn’t walk in straight line over 90 minutes, but she was happy.  wait.  what the huh?).  Then there is Lady Who Sits On Own Portable Stool and Barks at Children.  (still not sure if they are hers-what the huh?).  When she does decides to amble into the pool…yikes.  Do some people live in denial?  Do they think they look glamorous?  The extra EXTRA derriere footage?  The barely legal triangles pasted onto her string top that droops to her midriff?  That’s in?  Or are they livin’ the L.I.F.E. without a care about you or me or half of my village think?  Okay.  All the more power to them.  (I am a good person, I am a good person).  Girl power!  (I am a good person).  But still…

Well, so be it.  To each his own.  I stop staring.  (Well, actually I just keep staring behind my sunglasses).  But I stop judging.  What can I say?  I am but a mere mortal (ode to my sister-in-law).  I honestly want people to feel good about themselves.  Bring on the spice of life….just leave the man-kinis at home.  😉


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