Sweet Days of Summer


Well, hello.  Yes, it’s been awhile. 

Sooooo much has happened in the last few months!  I had a little health issue that I continue to manage (boring subject).  School days and volunteering swept the spring/summer season into a busy circus.  AND our family flew to our nation’s capital…a perfect family bonding time (think walking, walking, walking and potty breaks). 

5th Grade Graduation

I have taken an entirely different approach to the summer season.  No camps for the kids (ok, well maybe ONE and baseball).  Instead, we make our own fun and get a season pass to the pool.  Simple right?  Sure, unless you have a mom who wants to keep a clean house and pretty yard.  In the midst of my digging and primping and mowing and trimming….I have 3 kids who dared to project those words of doom:  I’M BORED.  And it doesn’t even come out like that.  It’s more of the piercing sound:  I’M BOOOORRREEEDD.  The whine that makes my ears hurt.  WHAT CAN I DOOOOOOOO? 

Read a book.  Make a crossword.  Clean your room.  (hey, I try).  Ride your bike.  Build a fort.  Help me clean. (yes, I had to sneak that in).  Draw a picture.  Play a game.  Chalk up the driveway.  Play Nerf target practice.  Basketball.  Skateboard.  Roll.  Down.  A.  HILL. 

Generally, I just receive a blank face or a “bored” moan in response.  Well kudos to Zoey, who never disappoints as she skips away with new ideas.  But those boys……

Then, I received some fantastic parenting advice.  Make THEM do the work/thinking.  Ex:  Well, do you feel like doing something inside our outside?  (Child response).  Cool.  Do you have a lot of energy or just need to relax?  (Child response and then a pause).  Hmmmm…. (I’m thinking with them).  Suddenly, they are off with a new idea of their own.  Which makes it a COOL idea.  Works every time for me.  YES!

Well, I wanted to say hi and let you know (that means YOU, Mom) that I plan to get this blog back in action.  Summer fun awaits! 


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