I looooooove me some yoga.  It’s not just a physical workout, but a mental cleansing and spiritual upliftment.  Really, it rocks.  I love it so much, I set aside a considerable amount of my monthly ‘allowance’ to attend a local yoga studio.  When I’m there, it’s my time.  It’s positive energy.  Oddly, it’s also a relaxing time, even though I drip sweat through rigorous poses.  This ‘ole given-life-to-three-kids-body feels stronger and normal aches and pains are replaced with “yes, that was an awesome workout” pain.  Yes, I love me some yoga.


I also love that both men and women, young and old, are sweating through the same yoga flow.  The space is ‘generally’ judgement-free, but I can’t help but find that it can also be entertaining.  Bikini Man is spotted from time to time (front and center).

I can't even do this one, yet!


Bikini Man (reenacted)

Woman With The See-Through Tank That Barely Holds The Silicone In also jumps in the front row from time to time.  Then there is John, a fellow yogi who enjoys the crunch of Minnesota snow.  And Marcie, a friend who has very little hearing in one ear, but always hears my whispers (like, “Look!  There’s Bikini Man!)

I CAN get this far though. (reenactment – do you really think I’d share a personal spandex photo with the world?)

Humor aside, THIS is what I love to think about as I work out:  (ORAL TRADITION) LOKAH SAMASTA SUKHINO BHAVANTU
May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.

This is the mantra of Yoga, chanted in almost every class.  By giving voice to it, we set the intention to create a world that is harmonious and peaceful.  This is my mantra that I love to exercise every day – not just as a new year’s resolution. 

If you have a yoga studio near you, try it out!  You just might love it.  Namaste.


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