I had a title, but I forgot it.


Although completely overwhelmed earlier, I spent the last hour picking up STUFF.  Holiday stuff and gees….even birthday stuff that should have gone away before the holiday stuff.  You know why I felt the energetic whim to clean like a type-A mama?  Because I had 2 full hours of my very own video game time.  I’m not kidding.  My eyes are now crossed from staring at such a tiny iPhone screen.  My head kind of hurts and I did ignore a persistent need to drink water during this ‘vacation’.  The irony is that I found a game where I have to work as fast as I can.  No kidding.  I’m addicted.  I don’t even remember the name of it (and I won’t check because I’ll start playing again).  The goal is to waitress as fast as I can to gain more customers (and thus, more money).  Now, I’ve never been a waitress but this was F.U.N.  Why I had to clean and serve others in my time off is beyond me, but I bravely walked away from that train wreck (okay, I wore the battery down to 5%) and CLEANED my house.  It’s like my very own strategic boot camp for cleaning and organizing.  Actually, it’s kind of like my every day……  My game candy just buried itself in my consciousness, compelling a plan of attack that I couldn’t find before. 

That’s ok. 

I have a clean house. 

And the battery is just about charged again.  =)

Anyhoo, I started today’s blog to share one of my favorite parts of the holiday season.  A close circle of peeps exchanged a homemade item for Christmas.  We didn’t tell each other what the item was until the exchange.  Our execution was a little off (never plan an exchange just days before Christmas)…..but the homemade side of the exchange made it extra special.  Fresh ricotta cheese, a luscious Irish cream beverage, m&m cookies, savvy beverage coasters, cranberry chutney and SOON (hint intended) canned pickles made for smiles all around.  Isn’t that interesting?  Out of ALL the money spent and ALL the wrapping and ALL the mailing…. I loved this the most.  AND several of these peeps knit with me weekly.  That once-a-week connection inspired me to knit my children a whimsical gift for Christmas.  I need to do it more.  I already have a plan for next year.  And it’s going to be my goal in this new year – making more homemade goodness.   Note: cookies and ricotta were consumed before photos.  Oops. 

With that, I leave you with my a saying from my favorite new 2011 calendar:  Grateful for this life, full of family, friends and love.  Happy New Year!


2 responses »

  1. Love it.
    Handmade Exchanges are BRILLIANT!
    I love the thingies you knit your kiddos. Isn’t knitting fun?
    I’ll see you SOON – with pickles in hand 😀

  2. Agreed the Handmade Exchange was very fun! Next year I’ll try to test market my product for functionality ahead of time. Your cranberries were delish!

    Happy New Year!

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