Winter Bliss and a Rebel named Mom


Ahhhh, the winter hibernation mode is upon me.  While other people enjoy sunshine, I love a cloudy cold day…complete with wintery goodies, a phenomenal book and a warm fire.  Even holiday shopping doesn’t pull me far away from the house.  Online shopping is my pleasure, especially since I’ve nailed down favorite, reputable sites.  My absolute favorite:  Handmade, unique treasures await my purchase.  Like walking through a mega arts festival, except I have a cup of hot cocoa and warm slippers complimenting my shopping experience.

I even hosted Z’s birthday party right here in our home.  Crazy, messy fun all around…but there is something fulfilling about making a homemade cake and enjoying it with a few friends at home.  It was my own private rebellion against the multitude of mega-entertainment parties everyone throws these days.  Not that I’m judging – to each his own.  I just can’t stand the money spent, the loud chaos and the generic birthday feeling (“your party is at table #4) involved.  Yes, the kids love it.  But I think parents – myself included – can mentally overdo the birthday experience.  After hours of debate involving Z’s first friend party and location…I exhaustedly asked her if a home party is ok.  She jumped, skipped, twirled, laughed and cheered a resounding, “That sounds awesome!!!!”  A humbling reminder to me.

Oh, I have to mention our new family member:  Stormy.  Named by the birthday girl, she’s our 7 mth old domestic short hair kitty cat.  A true love bug with just the right dash of personality.  Another reason to enjoy home on these winter days……

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I wish you a gingerbread cookies…family and friends….curl up with a good book December …. stay toasty.


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