No Excuses


Oy, yoy, yoy.

It seems that I’ve been on “blog vacation” during the last few months.  You know, too much thinking can mentally exhaust oneself.  During these months, I’ve simplified my thought patterns:  One thing at a time.  Keep it simple.  Be present.  Breathe (that would be my yoga). 

No, I have not been watching re-runs of Oprah.  I just happen to catch myself jumping around like a crazy woman.  I notice.  I adjust.  After all, “crazy woman” activity isn’t something that makes a household purr, you know?

I had the notion to return to blogging just yesterday.  ‘Tis the season for children to ask, “..but how long is it until we can open presents?”  Huh.  I swear to you…..we work hard to instill a sense of giving and service in our children.  As a matter of fact, I believe they take joy in giving  (once I pry them away from video games or wrestling matches).  It’s just that they can forget, too.  Those presents are so darn distracting, right? 

Yesssss…….. so I felt it necessary to discuss the spirit of the season at our dinner table.  I also challenged everyone:  we agreed to target 12 days of random acts of kindness.  We would share them every night.  The initial sharing session excited some who remembered they HAD carried out an act of kindness that day… to mortifying others (remaining nameless) who chewed on the fact they couldn’t remember a single act of kindness.  Ouch.  Sound cheesy?  Well, I beg to differ.  This has been EXCEPTIONAL and we are on just day 4 of this family adventure.  

I don’t want to go on about our personal kindness escapades, but I will say one thing.  A stranger’s startled smile sticks with me.   My kids are quick to help out.  We are more pleasant around each other.  Best of all, my husband WASHED ALL THE DISHES and pre-made the morning coffee!  Absolutely acceptable. 

Today we decided to pay for a stranger’s order (car behind us us at a drive-thru window.)  The kids were instantly excited with a resounding, “random act of kindness!!!”  Big grins.  Satisfied mom.  They like it.  They get it.  I hope they carry it forward.  Goodness knows I don’t feel like being kind some days.  But those kids just lift me up.  And that’s why I’m going to give them those presents.


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  1. This is awesome Laura…what a great idea! Really enjoyed catching up with your blog tonight. Might even try yoga as I feel like a crazy mom too often.

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