Quiet Reads


Tonight, I curled into my sofa and read Zoey a story.   That story turned into another ….and another.  And yet another.  Soon, I was surrounded by all of my children.  They nestled around me like little puppies, eager to hear and see the pages.  When my voice grew scratchy, my son jumped right in.  Princesses, jewels and pirates possessed their imaginations.  Before I knew it, my husband settled near us and our beloved dog hugged my feet.  We were all there – no tv, no music, no “static.”  The moment left me so grateful.  In the hustle bustle of back-to-school, meetings and buzzing family life…this piece of time was a gift.  A greater realization hit me:  my children were hungry for it.  Of course, they hear their fair share of “just a minute” and “uh huh” or “not now, honey.”  Maybe more than their share.  Certainly, it’s not my intention….but this moment reminded me that paperwork, meal-planning and cleaning can wait.  I need to prioritize this quiet time for us. 

Tonight, I’m tired.  I’m keeping this one short.  I owe you an update on my parent advisory gig in the world of school food service.  And Z’s first day of preschool pic.  And lovely pics of our changing leaf colors.  See?  I have a list.  But first, I have Chapter 17 awaiting me on my bedside table.  Once you start reading, it’s hard to stop.


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