End of Summer Bummer


I’m back.  I’m back, I’m back, I’m back. 

Summer turns a corner this week with temps in the 60’s and low 70’s.  My blogging brain – cleared of humidity – is back in motion.  Well, almost.  I will be sending my two oldest back to school next week.  My youngest begins preschool after that.  What am I to do?  I’m so glad you asked.  The school district Food Service Advisory Committee is welcoming me at their upcoming Sept. meeting.  For some reason, I almost chickened out about this.  I want to skitter back into my corner and change the world by just packing school lunches for my boys.  HOWEVER, my introduction is item #3 on the agenda.  Yup, my name is on that paper.  “Welcome New Member:  Laura blah blah”

Soooo….like so many things, I am bound to overcome my anxiety by throwing on a smile and marching forth.  Save our children!  Oh, and love our animals while we are at it!  We need happy cows, pigs, chickens and veggies!  We need to support our farmers!  We need to make change!  Drums roll, war horns blow, etc, etc…..

Yes, I like vivid imagery.  That is just between you and me.  Jon, Paulette, Bev, Dianne, Connie and Shari will simply see me as suburban mom to three:  Present!

In addition, I am a “grade leader” for the 5th grade.  You know, the person who becomes the go-to lady when no one else has an idea of what’s going on.  I’m totally jazzed about this because I get to dust off my computer skills and kick out some spreadsheets, clip art and EVEN an electronic form.   Let my organizational ambitions dance!  5th grade will definitely have the coolest parties, field trips and graduation ever.

I’ll be in touch over the next few weeks.  Until the school bell rings, I’m clinging to the last days of summer.  Talk at you then.


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  1. To overcome your anxiety in front of the food committee, just think of how PROUD Jamie Oliver would be!!! 🙂 Go get ’em, girl.

    I fully expect the 5th grade graduation to outdo all others since you are in charge!

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