What does a mother do with her two healthy kids on blistering hot summer days, while just one chick is sick inside?  I turned to my 4-year-old for advice.  The answer:  crafts.  Of course, our little craft queen believes this is the answer to everything.  Why not? 

I ushered the kids into the ‘ole minivan and raced to the nearest craft supply store.  Yes, we likely left crafty germs behind…but what’s a mom to do?  Tie-die t-shirts and baked clay necklaces took their place at our dining room table, keeping the kids busy for at least a few hours.  I think their creations are really cool! 

Days later:  In celebration (the cooties official took their leave)…. the kids and I Left.Our.House.  Hooray!  Sebastion Joe’s ice cream, Wild Rumpus books (complete with roaming chickens and cats) and a quick walk to Lake Harriet marked re-discovered healthiness and freedom.  We were really bummed that the streetcar line only ran that evening, but schools of sunfish and hungry ducks managed to be a great stand-in.  Another great drawing from our Summer Idea jar. 


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