Good Sports


Summer cooties be damned. 

We had baseball!  O’s team played in the final championship tourney this weekend and earned a whopping 2nd place.  Actually credit is due:  this group had a phenomenal coaching staff.  Yes, I’m bias because the head coach was my own husband.  He rocked, though, and many a parent had great things to say.  THIS is what baseball should be about.  Kids should have opportunities, support and a smile on their face.  Okay, coaches had a bit of a temper against the umpire….let’s just chalk that up as teaching “passion” to those young faces.



 My middle child/sibling rebel/dare-devil decided to bite off skateboarding this week.  I guess those ramps look much taller when you get to the top.  Hey, I told CoopDog that I was proud of him for sliding down on his backside.  For hitting that wall and picking himself back up.  For being covered in dirt, sweat and bruises… awesome workout.


He didn’t necessarily agree.  Limping home, he promised to try again tomorrow ($160 darn it!)…accompanied by treat money and water.  Perhaps some Tylenol.  And his mama.  And some cool skateboard upgrades by mid-week.


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