Cooties and Stuff


Summer cooties have arrived, but we are doing our best to continue the summer fun.  My 1st Sweet 100’s are just about ripe for the picking. 

I can’t wait because I crave an HONEST tomato – not the kind sandwich shops try to slice and serve.  Nasty grainy tomatoes with no color should never adorn a sandwich.  No way!  

Have I told you that we’ve been to Izzy’s for our first taste of their delicious dairy treats?  Behold the cream cheese Izzy on top of my pineapple ice cream.  Soooooo delicious!  We should have tried it out years earlier.        

Oh yes.  I mentioned summer cooties.  Suspiciously in sync with a round of day trips to the pool earlier this week.  Drippy noses and nasty coughs that last a few days.  Just enough to knock a parent out and make the kiddos whhhiiinnnneee.  My dear husband recovered 1st and engaged the kids in a fun car wash, so I could rest my stuffy head today.  Awesome fun was enjoyed…. by MOST. 

Well, that’s enough brain drain for now.  Time to find some more tissues and hot tea.  Be back soon.


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