Summer Rules


My husband firmly believes in “summer”….meaning no school work.  I, however, decided that I needed to incorporate more structure this summer.  That includes more responsibilities before fun stuff.  It also includes “auto pay” when it comes to my kiddo allowance accounts.  I just can’t remember to pay them consistently.  It also includes more structure for fun.

Before you gag, beat your head on your desk or roll your eyes, let me explain.

  1. I don’t care when the kids wake up.  It’s summer, for goodness sake.
  2. No video games/request for video games before 9:30am.  As my boys get older, this is what they want to do ALL of the time.  After that, vids and tv are limited.
  3. Every day of the week will have an assigned “responsibility.”  We’ve tried this before and it always falls apart.  This time, I will tie it to the “fun” reward and not an allowance.  My brainstorm :

M – Find and put away all books.  (each kid can have a different room or we end up with wrestling and tears).
T – Dirty clothes into dirty clothes bins.  (This prevents me from harping on them ALL of the time about doing it ALL of the time.  Now, I can relax and so can they.  Zoey is the worst.)  ALSO, bathroom sinks/counters get wiped down.
W – Pick up trash in rooms.  (This is almost embarrassing to type, but they still think everywhere is a garbage can)
Th – Same as Tuesday.
Sat – All dirty clothes down to the laundry room
Sun – Put away at least 3 clean clothes piles

I think this sounds fair.  When the chore is done, they earn their SECOND 30 minutes of TV or video games.  Hey, it’s summer and I think everyone should be able to wake up and zone out for the FIRST 30 minutes of the day.  See, I’m negotiating with summer.  This isn’t ALL they will do throughout the day, but it is the core of what must be done.  They do things that pile up and drive me nutty.

Last, but not least….I’m borrowing a great idea from several moms.  We have a list of “to do” activities/trips/celebrations that we can take advantage of right here in our surrounding cities.  All ideas will be placed in our Idea Jar (personally decorated by Zoey).  A few times each week, we’ll have a random drawing and that is what we’ll do for the day.  I’m hoping this keeps the kids excited and my mommy brain alive because I don’t have to plan all of the time.  I’ll keep  you updated.


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