Laundry Quandary


My application is in the mail.  I’m so excited…. a quick review of this committee’s goals tells me that I want in on the action.  Apparently, they ARE working toward sustainable, greener, healthier lunch programs.  It’s just slow and requires a whole lotta grant paperwork.  That frustrates me…as do many things in the education realm.  We wouldn’t even feed this junk to our kids at home, yet we accept in our school systems because funding is what it is.  Not acceptable.  If it’s an uphill battle, I expect myself to pitch in.

In other news, my daughter is home with the sniffles and sneezes.  Poor kid is cuddled in a chair, watching cartoons with glazed-over eyes.  I waited on her all morning…and she found the opportunity to ask whether her “sick time” included a bowl of chocolate chips.  Uh.  No.

Since we are homebound, I plan to tackle laundry.  You see, laundry day always takes place on Sunday.  Long, long ago …. the husband and I came to an understanding.  Since every sport known to man captures his attention on Sunday, Monday, AND Thursday, he would handle the laundry on Sundays.  This makes everyone happy ….especially when I don’t turn into a bitter, pouting mom by mid-afternoon.  As of late, the laundry situation has sent the husband into a tizzy.  Simply too much laundry, he says.  Too much, too much, and good Lord….how does one family USE all of this laundry?

Well.  Let’s see.  I tried to take a pragmatic approach to the problem (he thinks like that):

  • 5 adults/children = 4-6 items of clothing per day = 210 items dirty laundry per week
  • 5 clean adults/children at 2 towels per week = 10 dirty towels per week
  • 1 clean kitchen and 3 clean bathrooms per week = 10 equally dirty towels per week

We are at 240 dirty laundry items per week and that doesn’t count the “oops spills”  or sheets/blankets per child.  It is what it is…. we have a growing family and I’ve just started to come to terms with the fact that our water, electricity, gas and food bills are starting to climb.  Just today, I opened my energy bill.  It notified me (via fancy graphs and statistics) that I use ABOVE average energy than my neighbors.  It told me how I can live like my neighbors.  Well, duh…. my neighbors are retired and rarely home.  I also don’t want to freeze at night, by lowering my temp.  Still, it feels like a punch in the gut because I’m very big on living a greener existence.  Still, I draw the line at some things.  Personally, I think reusing towels more than once is disgusting.  I mean, you are rubbing yourself with a towel covered in dead skin cells.  Ew.  I suck it up, though, because the husband’s neck vein starts to stick out when he sees how many dirty towels we use.  I now use (and expect the children to use) the same towel at least three times before tossing it.  I think that’s a nice medium and I’m overcoming a lot of trauma here with the dead skin thing. 

Because of my growing family and increasing financial demands, I’ll be back here soon to chat about how to feed my kids all summer on a budget.  I have to admit that I’ve stayed on the same budget for 10 years ($25 per person per week)….maybe it’s time a loosen that expectation.  In the meantime, I wish you good health and clean laundry.


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  1. Interesting rationale on the laundry issue. However, my issue involves family members wearing clothes for an hour and then throwing them on the floor or in the dirty clothes – these are not DIRTY clothes.

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