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= happy, multi-tasking mom this evening

While I’m relaxing and working after bedtime hours….I want to lighten the mood from the past few posts.  I don’t know about you, but I function best with a goal.  Lucky family I have, eh?  That’s okay…they humor me time and time again.  Most of the time, my goals are built around fun and bonding.  Here are some new family things I’d like to accomplish this summer:

  • take my kids (and husband) to a home Twins game (Somehow, tickets will fall from the sky.  I start with envisioning it.)
  • visit the Mill City and Midtown farmer’s markets
  • grow a pumpkin patch
  • make mozzarella cheese (lots and lots of mozzarella cheese)
  • make our own yogurt and turn it into Greek stuff
  • go camping somewhere new (in a tent)
  • take a family trip together beyond the tri-state area
  • ride the Como-Harriet Streetcar line (and of course, get ice cream in Linden Hills)
  • make my own craft area at home (okay, I snuck that one in)

Hmmmm…that’s what I have right now.  I’m done cleaning.  I’ve loosened up a little.  I have beautiful rain to listen to (and some dumb train whistle in the distance).  Until next time…


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