Spring into Action

Busy, busy, busy spring season.  So many things to enjoy and do.  In between kitchen and outside projects, I’ve been enjoying Zoey’s dance, play dates, sea monkeys, bicycling, gardening and the continued knit night with my knit peeps.   
I don’t know if any of you have been watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (on Fridays, 8 CST)…but it has given me a kick in the pants.  It’s all about the state of our school lunch system.  The processed foods.  The fat foods.  The fact that kids will always choose fries and pizza if you give them that to choose from.  Jamie’s challenge is to get involved in our kids’ lunch programs.  Understand what the food is and fight for change in the name of healthy, growing children.  That change is simply making more homemade food, with a little love and fresh ingredients.

Now, I volunteer to serve lunch at our school.  I know the cooks work hard.  This isn’t about them.  I also know they serve up carrots sticks, green beans, apples and white milk from time to time.  What I’m passionate about is that their MAIN courses include french toast sticks, chicken nuggets, shrimp poppers, hot dogs and MOZZARELLA CHEESE STICKS.  Yup, that’s what I said.  All processed and shaped to entice a grade schooler’s brain.  I do see kids take the dry carrot sticks.  They do allow us to put nutrition-free lettuce slivers onto their plate.  Do they eat them?  Doubtfully.  Not enough time or interest after they fill their little bellies with the chocolate milk and french toast sticks.

I realized that if more parents knew what their kids were eating, they might be moved to do something.  I was.  Effective this week, my boys are taking their own lunches to school.  You know what?  They were thrilled.  Of course, they had some school favs.  We are negotiating around those.  But now I will know what’s going into their little bodies.   I can offer the variety and I will KNOW how to get fresh veggies into them, without them even knowing.  If budget crunches and school foodies everywhere can’t take care of that part of their day with $2.63, I know I can. 

I also signed up to be a community advocate for Jamie’s campaign.  I don’t know what all that entails, but I like pushing myself outside of my comfort zone because I’m passionate about it.  This is something that needs change and impact the future of children.  Kids can’t necessarily make those right decisions at this point in their little lives.  Someone needs to be there to expect and demand it.  They are our future.

Wow, that’s the end of my little rant.  I’ll keep you posted on my quest to control my kids’ lives outside of home =)  Aw seriously, it’s all with good humor and spirit, you know?  I firmly believe that positive energy can move the sun. 


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