My daughter jumped into math today.  Our conversation innocently started with her whhhiiiiiiinnnee to do math homework like her brother.  So we did.  30 minutes later and she was STILL tossing out answers – make that begging for math problems.  She didn’t really count on fingers, but she could see the problem in her head.  Okay, we are talking about 4+3, 2+5, 3+0 here.  But she is only 4 and I’m a proud mom.  Cool.  A math head who likes ballet.  I’ll keep my hopes up because I’ve already started to google some of her brother’s 4th grade math.  I never could get the roaring train word problem…well I never really cared because I sure as heck wasn’t going to stand by and watch two trains collide.    

No, my mind wanders in “mommy deserves a treat” toward the homework bewitching hour.  My latest obsession?   

Fun Bubble Tea

 Yummy weird goodness in a plastic cup/mega-straw get up.  The concept sounds gross (okay, several of my friends still gag at the thought)…but I LOVE tapioca and this concept makes momma happy. 

Bubble Tea Composition

Drink your sweet chai tea milk and BOOM!  Up comes a tapioca pearl…something like a gummy the size of a marble.  Drink and chew, drink and chew…. you get the idea.  If you are lucky, your drink will sort of freeze the tapioca pearl.  Frozen gummy in your teeth anyone?   This is my entertainment.  Hey, at least I’m not sitting in front of video games, eating bon bons all day.  I’m out and about ….living the good life.  Well, after *dishes, laundry, lawn, garbage, menu planning, grocery shopping, school-toting, toilet unplugging, dinner’s almost ready, booger-wiping………….. 

*aka “the good life according EdHead”


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