Weary Winter


It all started with those darn sock puppets. 

Wintery Minnesota months have spawned…The Mad Crafter.  You name it and Zoey asks if she can use it in her “craft project.”  In an effort to save my wrapping paper supply, I contributed to the craze with a bowl of random buttons.  Crafter’s dream.  Eggs roll around the refrigerator.  Toilet paper is piled in the bathrooms.  No egg carton, ribbon, button or toilet paper roll is safe from crafting duty.  I must admit, I am really impressed with her creativity and crafting skills.  The passion is contagious.  The mess is too.  I am so glad that glue washes up easily, although we’ve lost some towels to The Mad Crafter.  Anything to stimulate her little mind.

While Zoey crafts, I hate to twiddle my thumbs.  SO…. I finally tackled my kitchen tiling project.  Wall tiles – nothing too hard, but very time-consuming.  I must admit that I’m very proud of my own do-it-yourself skills.  Over the years, I’ve leaned on Peter to accomplish these things while I watch the kids.  I started to lose confidence in my (1) energy level and (2) ability to operate basic tools.  Just like Peter claims he doesn’t know how to cook.  Well, I’ll leave that for another post.  ANYHOO… I found the tools in the garage.  I Googled my plan.  I carried on steady conversations with the Menards guy.  I did it myself. 

While The Mad Crafter and Mommy were working away, my boys discovered their “game.”  Let me say what a relief this is.  Years of writing checks to various sporting endeavors can get frustrating, especially if your kid doesn’t like the sport.  Then, you start to wonder if there is ANYTHING your kid might feel great about.  Might actually excel in.  Oscar “Go Big O” loves basketball and that stinker can really handle the ball.  Don’t let his size fool you.  His passion for the game – and skills – left me chanting and cheering onthe sidelines.  Sure, the Lakers didn’t finish their season placing….but I was so proud of their progress by the end.  Crazy proud.   


Cooper “Coopdog” discovered snowboarding.  Green board.  Green helmet.  The major stuff that makes snowboarding come alive.  He immediately caught on (unfortunately at the end of the season) and I have a feeling I’ll be learning the sport alongside him.  Inspired by a certain red-haired Gold Medalist…he insists the Winter Olympics are in his sights.  I insist I’ll be there to cheer him on.

February and March weather may seem to be dreary, but we can stay busy.  Cloudy damp days really energize me.  Can’t go outside?  No problem.  Pull out the games and food.  I decided to make chocolate chip cookie bars, something I hadn’t experienced since 1990.  I’m fairly certain I shared, but most of it disappeared before it made the plate.  I plead insanity. 

Zoey likes to challenge us many, many games…most recently to a round of Labryinth.  Note:  my kids beat me. 

Hopefully this rotten weather is a foundation for creating good memories.  I smelled Spring outside today.  You know, that earthy wet smell that promises tulips and baby birds.  I have a feeling that crafts will move outside and that my lawn mower will unpleasantly find buttons in my lawn.  Another good memory in the making.


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