I’m waiting to pick up Oscar from his 1st sleepover.  He insists that EVERYONE has had sleepovers and now he can join the club.  It was hard to cast aside my anxiety….did he have his toothbrush?  Is he sure that pillow is the one he wants?  I even whispered (he has a reputation to uphold in his little brother’s eyes)…. do you want to take a special stuffed animal?  Given his confused look, I closed my trap.

Okay, Okay!  I can’t help but swim in maternal instinct.  If I want to sleep well, I need to make sure my chick is surrounded in comfort.  After all, it’s a strange house with strange sounds.  Strange food, strange smells…… (sigh).  Of course, I know he must have stayed up until 4am with video games and chocolate chip cookies.  Embracing the sweet memories of childhood.  I do need to chill out.

The funniest part of this is how his brother, Cooper, reacted.  At bedtime, he was peacefully chipper.  I found him dancing around his bedroom, leaping off his bunk bed ladder.  You see, he shares a room with Oscar.  Every.  Night.  Cooper was enjoying a moment of personal space and freedom.  No big brother around to flick his ear while he was trying to read.  No big brother singing funny or breathing funny.  No big brother making a seemingly innocent comment  from the safety of his top bunk…only to drive Cooper into a crazy stupor because he was SO tired and SO irritated.  Cooper was a free boy for one evening.

Cooper, Zoey and Oscar

I’m glad the boys enjoy their freedom, but a little piece of me wonders why in the world they drive each other that crazy.  The husband reminds me that they are programmed that way.  It’s in the DNA.  I fought with my brother.  Peter fought with his.  I often take the lowest road when they bicker or throw a fist at each – don’t they know they are BREAKING MY HEART.  That gets them every time and they generally sulk off to opposing corners of the house.  I also have my “You two LOVE each other, dammit!”  Intermixing the two usually works well to diffuse a situation.  Momentarily.  I guess I can add this new finding…. giving them more time away from each other. 

Well, I’m still waiting to pick up Oscar.  I feel better now that I’ve talked about it, but I still need to fill my time with some futzing this morning.  Another side-benefit to this sleepover business – we will have clean dishes and laundry today.


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