Monday Madness


I swore to myself that I’d never become this kind of mom:  breakfast, groceries, cleaning, schoolwork, dance class, basketball, fast food supper and then knitting hour with the girls.  I have always been certain I could pace things out in a calm and orderly manner.  After all, that’s why I’m staying home every day.  Reality check.  Not when you have 3 kids, a working husband and a mom that needs to have a little “away” time each week. 

Soooo….after all of my deep planning to eat Vegan (ish) and Vegetarian (ish)….. it will be McDonald’s for supper.  In the mini-van.  Somewhere between dance and basketball.  It is what it is.  I suppose I could pre-pack a heart healthy dinner, but I think every American family should be entitled to a little bit of bad stuff.  In moderation.  After all, chicken nuggets, apples and milk aren’t all that bad.  No, I don’t want to think about how the chickens lived/died for this food.  Yes, I pray the milk came from “happy cows.”  Yes, I hope the apples are from a neighboring US state to minimize the carbon footprint (um, I suppose I’m too hopeful there).  But I realize when things are prepped for a potential meltdown (either kids or mom).  McD’s to the rescue. 

Tonight is knitting night.  I still need to introduce you to my knitting peeps.  I’ll save that for another time.  I also need to introduce you to my eldest child, who is far too similar to me.  Coming soon….

In closing, I’d like to send a personal “hooooonnnkkkk” back at the gentlemen who didn’t think I was moving fast enough in the grocery store parking lot.  Right back at you, sir.  May your diet be rich in trans fats.


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