It’s the Most Wonderful Time….


…of the year.  Possibly.  I can think of numerous wonderful times in 2009.  I’ll save that for a New Year’s conversation. 

Our Christmas snowful was substantial, but turned into a rainy, slushy mess by Christmas Day.  So much so, we didn’t want to send the kiddos outside.   No problem…because Santa brought us a Wii this year.  Although the Wii and the Christmas tree didn’t necessarily enjoy each other, the family competition was heated throughout the day.  I couldn’t believe how quickly it made me sweat.  Or it could be the detoxification of elevated sugar levels naturally playing itself out.  I think it’s a simple warning that I have quickly gotten out of shape.

Enough about ME.  We ALSO had a visit from the Tooth Fairy.  All I want for Christmas is Coop’s two front teeth.  Actually, he’s quite charming in a gummy way.   

Zoey danced the day away in her Cinderella outfit (complete with accessories and matching doll). 

Oscar is growing up too fast with his music obsessions and junk food fixes.  We managed to haul him outside and he agreed….as long as he could wear a Santa hat and put on a show for the neighbors.

 The husband and I cooked, cleaned and lazed around while the children took turns jumping on top of us.  Doesn’t that sound like memories in the making?  I think so.


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