Have you ever tried holiday baking while high on pseudoephedrine?  I wouldn’t recommend it.  In an effort to thwart my sinus cold for a day….I popped a Claritin-D.  Next:  dry mouth, no taste, twitchiness and an insane work ethic.  Suddenly, I was ready to seize the day.  I wrapped, I baked, I cleaned, I shipped, I organized, I shopped…and then I assaulted my knitting projects.   At one point, it’s possible that I accomplished all of these tasks at the same time.  It came to a dangerous close when I pulled out pliers and began plucking tiny Christmas lights from their socks – only to pop the bulbs into a million pieces.  Enter:  my husband.  He carefully talked me down from crawling around on broken-bulb carpet, searching for tiny broken pieces.  He understood:  I was dead set on fixing one strand of lights.  I couldn’t handle another trip to Target.  I needed to fix THESE lights.  If I want something done, I jump in and do it myself.  And now I understand:  Just don’t do it when you are half-baked.

Wow.  Tomorrow is a new day…because I’m going to get one heck of a good night’s sleep.


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