Let it snow!


Welcome to our 1st big snow of 2009!  Apparently, Minnesota hasn’t received this much snow in one sitting since 2007….so the anticipation and excitement is rampid.  Peter (my husband) practically fell all over himself in an effort to crank up the snow blower.  Mission:  bust throw the snowdrift created by snowplows at the end of the driveway.  I DID consider waddling out into the driveway early this morning, just as the plow came through.  I thought they might help out a “pregnant waddling lady” (which I am not) by scooping snow AWAY from driveway vs into it.  My conscience got the best of me ….and Peter loves the task.  Everyone’s a winner.


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  1. ooh…naughty girl, even thinking about that deception. I was going to bribe my neighbor with a plow on his truck with baked goods.

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