2Cool4 Who?


20 Second Rant… 

A recent splurge of TV commercials led me to roll my eyes at this “gimmicky” trend:  reducing names to the fast buzz of coolness. 

Dairy Queen.  DQ.  Burger King.  BK.  Taco Johns.  TJ’s. 

At first it was funny… when JLo became JLo.  Remember Bennifer?  Or TomKat blanketed entertainment news channels.  Leave it to the entertainment industry to keep us buzzing with buzz words that save us time and energy when we speak. 

However.  SOMEONE at National Geographic deemed it essential that they enter the “fast track.”  I heard it with my own ears:  Nat Geo.  Try saying it out loud as you look at their latest cover.  “Coming up next on Nat Geo.”  It’s just WRONG.  They aren’t picking up new 20-somethings….they are startling long-time followers.  That’s right, I’m counting my early grade school years and that elevates me to “long time follower.”

I just hope people don’t start messing with other institutions.  I couldn’t bear it if Superman became S.Man or Dolly Parton became DPart.  OMG.  (Rant complete).


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